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May Day, the Perfect Day for a Positive Self Assessment!

With the miracle of Spring emerging all around us, let's ask ourselves if we are embracing our age, our gifts, and our wisdom.

Young, older, or in-between, are we energized each day to make the most of each day? Age is not a limitation but rather an opportunity to further grow.

Young, older, or in-between, are we capturing new gifts as we share current ones? We all have gifts to share with one another. These gifts are often a gateway for expansion, so let's be prepared to seize many a day with others along our journeys.

Young, older, or in-between, are we secure in our convictions to share the truth openly, but without malice? Wisdom does indeed come with age, but who among us has not met some very old souls among the younger generations. We can all learn from one another.

Where is the Spring in your life? On this day, the first of May, let our age, our gifts, our wisdom burst all around us!

Only joy from the Diva,


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