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Breast Cancer Awareness Every Day

It is not a single month but every month that you should research breast cancer risk factors, tests, and ways to get involved with advocacy. Remember information will empower you and others.

Make sure you are getting regular mammograms and screenings for breast cancer. Early detection is directly associated with a higher survival rate.

Access to knowledge and care is vital! It takes time to gather it all for the research is moving along.

Read The Cancer Chronicles ( Ill Will, Beauty Full, Winning Wishes ), a story of one woman's journey with breast cancer from diagnosis to metastasis to dealing with Stage 4 cancer. These three novellas are based upon over 300 informal conversations with cancer victims, their family members, and their friends at a variety of cancer treatment centers. Ultimately, it is the inner power and resilience of the main character, Penney Divan, which allows her to survive and thrive.

Only joy from the Diva,


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