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Ever wonder how some people survive the intricacies of life better than others? The books below tell tales about the power we all have within us to survive, to use that resilient urge to take one foot and place it in front of the other, and to take pride in beating the odds.

Ill Will.jpg
Ill Will


Penney Divan is at the height of her career in education when she learns she has cancer. She looks deep into her spirit to overcome her mounting terror and build a tenacity that can get her through biopsies, surgery treatment, and most importantly her work and her daily life. Penney emerges with a stronger sense than ever of who and what she is all about.

Beauty Full.jpg
Beauty Full


Penney Divan continues her journey stronger and wiser than ever. In this sequel to Ill Will, Penney's cancer recurs as she cautiously rebuilds her life. Now, she discovers that her own passions and resources are the keys to the ultimate source of the beauty that was always within her.

Winning Wishes.jpg
Winning Wishes
(a 2017 Book Excellence Awards Finalist)


Don't ever doubt that bad things "come in threes!" In this emotional meditation on survival, Penney along with her husband Jack Divan, find ways to keep their heads above water while seeking out alternative routes for healing and realizing their deepest, heartfelt wishes.

BMHT multi desk.jpg
Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too

(a 2019 Book Excellence Awards Finalist)


Innate resilience triumphs in the face of perverse and pervasive adversity. Travel with Sidnei Jewel as she uncovers deep, dark family secrets.

Peaceful Waters cover.png

Peaceful Waters

ISBN : 9781663243331

Fen McCallin is devastated by the loss of her friend and lover, Donovan, to suicide. His spectre haunts her as she works through the stages of grief. Friends would like to help her, but she knows she must do this alone. Deciding to sail a route to the Baja she and Donovan had always wanted to do but never found the time, Fen emerges on a physical journey during the day and an emotionally insightful journey of love at night. This journey makes her strong in body, mind, and spirit and leads her back into life ready to love.

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