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How does one become an architect of their own life?

I have found many people wait for others to make decisions, big and small, for them. If you seek joy in your life, you need to be the one person who builds the life you want.

Look at the characters Penney Divan (Ill Will, Beauty Full, and Winning Wishes) and Sidnei Jewell (Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too). These are two women who knew others wanted to make choices for them which would not serve them well. They went in search of what would best serve them. The power within each woman found them successfully building lives of strength, resilience, and beauty. Penney and Sidnei both did their research, laid the plans, made their own choices, and built their lives on strong foundations. Bravo for these architects of their own lives!

Only joy from the Diva,


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