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What is the source of the vital power within you?

As I begin to develop characters for a new book, I have been considering this question. In The Cancer Chronicles (Ill Will, Beauty Full, Winning Wishes), the principal character, Penney Divan, had many a demon to wrestle with. There was the recurring cancer and its dogged treatment protocols, numerous jaded members of the medical field, retreating family, colleagues, and friends, and her own inner voices. She met them all head on with a persistent resilience and a smile. Sidnei Jewell, the main character in Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too, fought ignorance, criminal behavior, a background of neglect, and her own reservations, still with a persistent resilience but also a determination to do the right thing. My new character must do all these things and emerge as the powerful woman the two previous characters have done. This new character will be true to herself, a hallmark of resilience, and discover an inner power she had let slip away. I look forward to her development! Watch for updates!

Only joy from the Diva,


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