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The Dark Winter Passes the Baton

According to the Celtic calendar, Samhain, the Celtic Winter, cedes to Imbolc, the Celtic Spring, beginning February 1. It is a time to reassess your aims and objectives in life, a time to recalibrate your goals. Having done this, you can bring your new focus to bear on bringing new love and new joy into your life. The world awaits your reawakening to what matters most in your life. And all that really matters is love you know!

Be prepared to discover new joys in doing such things as planting and identifying new flowers, trees, and vegetables, living a life of wonder working alongside like-minded others to restore justice for all that walk Planet Earth, and meditating outdoors to bring peace into your life. Find yourself falling in love with you all over again this Spring! And be the best that you can be!!

Happy Imbolc!

Only joy from the Diva,


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