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Self Care Inspires Opportunities

Self care equals quiet time to take care of yourself. It could be a cup of tea, a time set aside to read, meditate, and/or walk, an opportunity tp explore something new.

How about starting with a time to get reacquainted with yourself?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself:

What are your best attributes?

What are your best qualities?

What are your best skills?

What are your best features?

What do you like best about you?

Is there room for change, or a little alteration, in any of these areas, something you always wanted to try or do?

We're talking subtle tweaks:

Flashing your beautiful smile more often,

Lending a hand to a neighbor,

Helping others with things you are good at, like taxes,

Changing your hair, or trying that new eyebrow look,

Maybe work out more often, or try a new dance move.

You have opportunities here to make your own star shimmer and shine!

C'mon! Tilt your head! Get those ideas surfacing, and get your best self to grab opportunities to make something happen!

Only joy from the Diva,


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