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Have you ever thought about the landscapes of your life?

I travel a lot, and as I move through the seasons of summer into fall, I find myself reflecting upon how like the seasons change, so too does my life. The temperature changes, the foliage changes, the tenor of life changes.

One must be prepared for the changes to realize the most positivity you can reap from them. The seasons bring with them sweeping changes. Our lives can also bring big changes but also unexpected changes, subtle changes, unrecognized changes.

Our hearts sometimes wish for change to envelope our lives. Start dancing and new music will be added. Don't stop to see what will happen. Keep dancing to the new tunes and ride the waves of change. New opportunities, large and small, await you. Watch for them! And keep on dancing to the new music! Make your heart happy and listen to the beat of change!

Only joy from the Diva,


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