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Have you ever lost someone you loved?

Have you ever lost someone you loved to suicide?

Explore the stages of grief and the unravelling of life continued by a survivor in the novella, Peaceful Waters.

In this novella Fen, the survivor, takes a sailing trip along the Pacific shoreline to tackle her feelings. This trip was meant to be taken by her and her deceased lover, Donovan. She enters a physical and emotional journey leading her to come to grips with Donovan's suicide. As she moves in and out of the stages of grief, Fen finds solace in the caress of a gentle breeze, her fond memories, the kindness of others, and her own reemerging resilience.

Fen comes to know that there will always be a place in her heart for Donovan, but she also will seek to love her life and the beauty around her as Donovan requested.

Only joy from the Diva,


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