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From Out of Nowhere

Ever have something so freaky happen that you can't hardly grasp that you were out of body in that moment? I recently tripped on a step while traveling abroad and am now subject to six weeks of a non weight bearing regimen to protect and allow the healing of my broken ankle. Wow! Talk about being given time to stop in the blink of an eye! No walking, no driving, no exertion other than prescribed exercises designed to limit my activity. And lots of time to reflect...

I go back to all those informal conversations with the people who inspired me to write about their fears in my books, and I freely admit it is difficult not to stress about my current situation. I am an adamant defender of protecting all aspects of one's life. However, even in adversity, I know I will be well; I know I will be safe; I know this is an opportunity to reflect on how I will find peace in my life. And you know, I remain secure in my happiness and my hope while going on virtual walks.

Only joy from the diva,


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