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Thoughts About Caregiving...

In my novella, Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too, I researched and wrote about the emerging criminally cruel family caregivers who take full advantage of their assumed roles as caregivers to steal the pride, the dignity, and the assets of those they are meant to care for. But what about the good caregivers? What are their roles? Any person who truly needs a caregiver is entitled to a person who will look out for their needs and well being and assist in maintaining their dignity, their resources, and the daily joys of life we are all assured. This could mean helping with self care, providing nourishment for the body and spirit, looking for ways to keep them busy with those things they enjoy doing,even introducing new outlets, and providing them with opportunities to smile, smile, smile. Hard work, yes, but hard work that allows someone that refreshing glass of lemonade from the lemons health or circumstances have handed them. Truly the role can be positively life changing for both the caregiver and the person receiving their care!

Only joy from the Diva,


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