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Let's talk about bravery.

I believe each day we have multiple opportunities to practice bravery. This begins with how we prepare for the day, and not forgetting to ask the angels to help with the challenges we may face, or to applaud the achievements we may reach.

Bravery is indeed an attitude. We know we can face any circumstance and any person with the assurance that we can work anything out with knowledge, diligence, and grace.

Bravery is kind and well-intentioned. We will do the right thing even though not always easy or popular.

Sometimes we may stand alone, sometimes with others. Bravery may quicken the heart, but we must perform always with heart and compassion and the strength of our convictions.

Be brave, kind heart, for the path not usually taken may lead to unimaginable horizons!

Only joy from the Diva,


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