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Have you ever thought about how kaleidoscopes mirror our lives?

In the prisms of our lives

Flutter the faces of our familiars -

Maid, maiden, crone,

Lad, warrior, and denizen alike

Visit the white, hot surfaces of our memories,

And arise at different aspects to the sun.

Happiness may turn to folly;

Fantastical illusions may refract into reality.

In the midst of all, one may find

Friendship, love, clarity, purpose,

The twist of disillusionment

Turned to a newly discovered joy.

Life promises us scarlet passions,

Azure reflections,

And striking cobalt steadfastness.

The tenderness of our zeals

Fueled by the reflections of our minds

Will give way to the steadiness of time -

Time for the stars,

Time for the spirit,

Time for quiet, steady love to grow

Bringing the spectrum of peace

To mind, body, and soul

As renewed hope enters each new door,

Each new day,

Each new phase

In the prisms of our lives.

From Ill Will

written by Anne Hutcheson

Only joy from the Diva,


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